What is Tangerine?

Tangerine, a sweet, juicy and fragrant fruit that grows in temperate climates, has similar properties with orange and is especially rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamins A and B, as well as minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, bromine and phosphorus. The shell of the tangerine is rich in vitamin P.

Isotlar Agriculture Mandarin Types

Earlyn: The number of seeds is very low and peeling of the fruit peel is also very easy. The fruits of early-n, an early tangerine variety, are juicy and sweet. Tree development and yield is very good.

Miowase: Seedless. The fruit peel is yellow-orange in color and slightly rough during the harvest period. The fruit shape is flat. After the ripening period, it is easier to separate the crust from the meat. After Primasol and Early, okitsu is harvested before wase.

Okitsu: Its trees are strong. It is one of the earliest varieties among the mandarins. Fruits are quite large and flat. It is seedless, peels easily and has sugar.

Dobaşibeni: The trees are strong. It is known as one of the most resistant to cold among citrus varieties. Young and strong branches have small spines. It is an early tangerine variety. It is an efficient variety suitable for storage and transportation. Their shells are thin. It has high quality taste and texture.

Satsuma: Satsuma, also known as Bodrum tangerine, is rich in vitamins B and C like other citrus fruits.

Rize: In the province of Rize, the Satsuma mandarin (Mandarin) is known as the Rize mandarin. Especially before tea became the dominant product, it was widely cultivated.

W.Murcot: The rind is reddish orange and the inside is bright orange. It is a latish type of mandarin (ripens in the February-March period). It has a unique aroma and is a very sweet variety.

Benefits of Tangerine

It cleans the blood. It is protective against cardiovascular diseases. It helps to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is beneficial in arteriosclerosis and paralysis. It calms the nerves. 1-2 tangerines to be eaten after dinner are beneficial for those who have insomnia. It strengthens the immune system. It is good for those who have flu.

How to Use Tangerine?

It can be eaten as fresh fruit or jam. In addition, essential oil is obtained from their shells. Especially if the shells are finely chopped and directly added to desserts such as cakes and pastries, they are beneficial for cardiovascular health.