Isotlar Agriculture was awarded with "Good Agriculture Certificate"

Haziran 20, 2020 - Cmt

Isotlar Agriculture was awarded with "Good Agriculture Certificate"!

Good Agricultural Practices are essential environmental and operational conditions for the production of safe, healthy fruits and vegetables. Looking at the scope of Good Agricultural Practices, it is understood that agricultural production is carried out in a controlled manner and will not harm the environment and human health. Isotlar Agricultural was entitled to receive Good Agricultural Certificate by complying with the agricultural legislation at all stages of production without harming the natural balance.

What is Good Agriculture?

When it comes to good agriculture, we understand that fruits and vegetables are produced, packaged, processed and stored as safely as possible to minimize the risk of microbial food safety hazards. What is good agriculture? In short, it is the basic environmental and operational conditions required for the production of safe, healthy fruits and vegetables. For example, worker hygiene and health, fertilizer use and water quality can be given during the production and harvesting process.

What are Good Agricultural Practices?

Good Agricultural Practice in Turkey has become our language translated from English. Good agriculture is a certification system and also an agricultural quality system. It is based on the quality of production. If we look at the general purpose of good agricultural practices, it means to make an environmentally friendly production with sustainable resources by minimizing the residue in the products.

If we look at the scope of good agricultural practice; Measures to be taken to ensure food safety based on ISO 22000, measures to protect the environment and soil under ISO 14001, measures to be taken for the health and safety of producers and agricultural workers within the framework of ISO 18001, and quality management for production in groups under ISO 9001 topics such as the system can be included.

What Are Good Agricultural Benefits?

Good Agricultural Practices cover the entire production process of the certified agricultural product, from the process before planting the plant to the soil, to the finished product process. We can say that good agricultural practices have many benefits for producers, consumers, retailers and nature-environment. If we look at the benefits, the most important is perhaps a sustainable agricultural activity without disturbing the balance of the environment, natural life and biodiversity. Environmental protection is minimized and a protective policy is followed.

Thanks to good farming, quality product cultivation is the reason for being preferred in the market. In the long term, thanks to these applications, a decrease in production costs and thus an increase in profit rates are observed. At the same time, manufacturers ensure the health and safety of their employees and minimize possible risks. Realization of quality production is also a reason for preference for the retailer.

Good Agriculture Certificate

There is a process to be followed to get a Good Agricultural Certificate. Producer companies can have a good agricultural certificate by meeting certain criteria. As per the traceability principle of the system, producers who want to get a certificate must keep records at all stages of agricultural activities from start to finish. All details such as all transactions, trainings received, purchases should be recorded and kept regularly. Even the production history in the production areas should be recorded. Soil should be fertilized according to the soil structure and soil analyzes should be done at the recommended times.

All risks that may arise when a decision is made to make good agriculture should be evaluated. These could be environmental health, human health, animal health, food safety. Organizations that will make agricultural production should know which crops were grown in advance and which agricultural activities took place. In addition, water resources and possible environmental pollution must be tested in the production areas. Phytosanitary should be protected and agricultural vehicle use should be kept to a minimum.

As a result, organizations wishing to switch to good agricultural practice should apply to the organization that has the authority to audit and certify good agricultural practices. It is made by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. In this way, the production process is recorded.