Citrus Gardens

For the cultivation of citrus fruits, quality seedlings must first be produced or supplied. The most used method in commercial citrus sapling cultivation is to vaccinate the desired variety on the rootstocks with a vaccine.

Our quality is confirmed in Turkey and the World!
  • 4.000.000 m2 Bahçe
  • 200.000 Ağaç
  • 15.000 ton Üretim
  • Global GAP Sertifikası


135 thousand Mandarin, Orange and Lemon fruit trees are grown on a total area of ​​2600 decares as two enterprises in Dörtyol district of Hatay province. We use state-of-the-art equipment and automatic drip irrigation systems in all our production processes and monitor them with drones. All our processes are managed sensitively to environment, human and animal health.


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Controlled agricultural production is carried out in Isotlar Agricultural areas in a way that does not harm the environment, human and animal health. In this way, Isotlar Group has been awarded a Good Agricultural Certificate/Globalgap certificate.



Isotlar Agriculture was awarded with

Isotlar Agriculture was awarded with "Good Agriculture Certificate"

Good Agricultural Practices are essential environmental and operational conditions for the production of safe, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Isotlar Agriculture Drip Irrigation System

Isotlar Agriculture Drip Irrigation System

Isotlar uses a drip irrigation system that has many benefits at the same time to achieve agriculture, maximum efficiency and water saving.

Healthy Production in Isotlar Tarım with Global GAP Certificate!

Healthy Production in Isotlar Tarım with Global GAP Certificate!

Isotlar Tarım, which complies with safe and sustainable agriculture standards, has been awarded the Global GAP Certificate.

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