Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

We have a corporate culture that embraces the values ​​of quality, honesty, respect for people, leadership and unity of power. Our human resources policy; As a preferred company that makes a difference in its sector, increases its competitive efficiency, it is to make our success sustainable.

Under this policy;

·  Identifying and establishing Human Resources practices that will enable us to achieve our company goals,

·  Supporting the continuous development of our employees and our company with a goal-based management approach within the organization structure that is result-oriented and takes effective decisions,

·  To plan the human resources that will contribute to our company, which is the best in the field and to train future managers,

·  In order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees, we proceed with our human-oriented, participatory management approach.

Recruitment and Placement:

Our primary goal is to contribute to our company values ​​through an effective recruitment process that meets the qualifications sought in line with the company's goals and needs. The recruitment processes are completed by applying various tests to the candidates selected and interviewed by the Human Resources Department.

Open Posıtıons

You can contact us at our e-mail address or by filling out a form.You can visit www.kariyer.net for open positions.